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10 Reasons to have your air ducts cleaned.

  1. Prevents dirt & debris from contaminating a new Heating & Cooling system.
  2. If your Heating & Cooling system has been inactive for 2 or more years.
  3. Allergy and/or Asthma symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.
  4. Minimizes pet dander.
  5. Reduces interior dust.
  6. Prevents rodent and other pest infiltration and infestation.
  7. Helps deter microbial growth inside home: mold, fungus, algae, bacteria, etc.
  8. Eliminates odors from ducts and/or furnace.
  9. If a video inspection shows significant dirt and debris in ducts.
  10. Routine maintenance to improve overall indoor air quality and your health.

Air Duct Cleaning

Free video inspection of home air ducts

You take time to make sure your home is clean and cared for. Now, take an important step for your family's health - clean the air you breathe! With air duct cleaning, you can reduce the dust and pollutants your family is exposed to, and make your heating and air system more efficient. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is more polluted that what we breathe outdoors. Not sure if your ducts are dirty? David Charles, owner of Air Duct Cleaning of Lake Hickory, gladly offers a free inspection with a video of your home's system - no deposit required! He and his team are trained to clean and care for your air duct system and can answer any questions you have. David and his wife, Barbara, are proud of the work they do to keep area homes truly clean and healthy. Air Duct Cleaning of Lake Hickory serves all of western and Piedmont North Carolina, from Catawba, from Burke and Alexander counties all the way to Statesville and Charlotte. Let us help your home - and your family - breathe easier.

We Clean Dryer Vent Ducts Also!

15,000 household fire due to Dryers

Why should you consider having your dryer’s vent duct cleaned?

One simple reason… over 15,000 household fires in the U.S. are started each year due to excess lint and other debris build-up from Dryers!

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